Press Quotes

“…in a blissfully moving song…performed with remarkable delicacy and power by Eileen Barnett…her rendition of “First Baby” should be recorded for posterity”

Don Shirley, LA Times

“And superb Eileen Barnett performs …with such feeling and wistfulness that we are moved to tears. “


“In the role of Tevye’s Golde, Eileen Barnett bats three for three, following her stellar turns as Molina’s devoted mother in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN and as the brassy owner of a Catskills resort in BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. Downplaying her beauty under Golde’s drab scarf, Barnett brings warmth and humor (and her lovely voice) to the role, her duet …of Do You Love Me? A particular delight.”

“…Eileen Barnett’s excellent Fosca…avoided the traps (of the role) and scored a shrewd victory.”

Michael Phillips, LA Times

“Eileen Barnett’s features are almost too glamorously aristocratic for Aldonza/Dulcinea, but she plunges into the grime with no holds barred, and her voice is strong and flavorful.”

LA Times, Don Shirley

“…she enchanted us with an evening called YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SPRING…one of the highlights of the set was a medley of songs from Broadway’s PASSION…SHE INVESTED THE SONG WITH SUCH TENDERNESS AND HEART BECAUSE ALSO EILEEN IS A TREMENDOUS ACTRESS…She ended the concert where she began in Spring with the lovely song by Le Grand and the Bergmans, YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SPRING. Well, I ended up believing in her and her absolute talent. Brava Ms. Barnett.”

Robert Machray, Los Angeles

“Well known to Angelino audiences for her stellar appearances in such musicals as KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, the Sondheim revue PUTTING IT TOGETHER and JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS, Barnett is a gifted performer. Warm witty and vivacious, she showed her impeccable soprano voice to excellent advantage in an appealing range of show tunes and easy listening ballads….the hour long show was enthralling, as a capacity crowd enthusiastically responded to Barnett’s charming banter and first-rate musicianship…The lovely and powerful Marieke from JACQUES BREL likewise proved that a great songwriter and a superb vocalist can create serendipitous magic.”

Les Spindle, Los Angeles

“…consummate singer, Eileen Barnett… presented a marvelously varied bill of fare….Barnett is down-to-earth, warm and very funny….Eileen is a class act and whether on a theatre or night club stage, she holds the audience entranced…in the palm of her hand..with two standing ovations!”

Broadway (Don Grigware)

“…Eileen Barnett is a revelation…and moves winningly from her trained head voice into breezy legit delivery.”

KCRW (NPR in Los Angeles)

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